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What started as a joke, when one of Mick’s mates said that he wouldn’t make it to Gosford in the Rocket and would give him $100 if he did has turned into a great fundraiser for post cancer patient support.  Mick’s ” Put your money where your mouth is ” quip soon turned into an abundance of pledges and donations flowing in if and when he and the Rocket reached certain destinations.

Mick states categorically that he wouldn’t be here without the awesome treatment and all the support he received at the Royal North Shore Hospital and from everyone after I left hospital.  In conjunction with The Tomorrow Trust, Mick has been able to support other patients when they have finished their cancer treatment and has now set up a fundraising page on The Tomorrow Trust website.

A portion of the sale of each copy of Travelling Australia Mick’s Way will be donated to The Tomorrow Trust.

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The Tomorrow Trust supports and empowers people living with, through and beyond cancer. The Tomorrow Trust provides solutions when options are few.

Donate to The Tomorrow Trust and help bring some normality back into people’s lives after cancer treatment. DONATE NOW

The Tomorrow Trust was developed in 2007 by a group of cancer social workers who recognised the financial impact cancer can have on some families. The social workers at the Royal North Shore Hospital, who constantly saw patients struggling financially because of their illness, grew tired of not being able to make a difference. It was in this moment that The Tomorrow Trust was created.

The money raised by The Tomorrow Trust is used to help fund and provide access to simple but vital assistance including:

  • Financial Crisis Support
  • Physiological Care and Emotional Support
  • Complimentary Therapies
  • Relaxation ad Mediation Groups
  • Home Support Services
  • Treatment Care Coordination

The Tomorrow Trust is not government funded – there are no grants, no ongoing support, just a hard working dedicated team trying to provide solutions when options are few.  The Tomorrow Trust is based within the Royal North Shore Hospital and works in partnership with the Northern Sydney Cancer Centre.


Thank you everyone.

Every dollar counts.


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