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Get your hands on a copy of Travelling Australia Mick’s Way – The Book


get your hands on a copy

Get your hands on a copy of Mick’s book – Travelling Australia Mick’s Way

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A portion from the sale of each copy of Travelling Australia Mick’s Way will be donated to help support cancer patients and their families post treatment via The Tomorrow TrustThe Tomorrow Trust  supports and empowers people living with, through and beyond cancer and provides solutions when options are few. The Tomorrow Trust helps bring some normality back into people’s lives after cancer treatment.


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“To everyone who kept me alive, rebuilt me and kept me moving forward – physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Thank you for all your love, your energy, your support and inspiration.  To everyone I met on my travels around Australia and to everyone who supported me and encouraged me to share my adventure and story.  Thank you, I’m so grateful, this book is for all of you.”



Coaching Life – Australia’s #1 Coaching Magazine 

TRAVELLING AUSTRALIA MICK’S WAY BY MICK MILLER (2016) Top sports strength and conditioning coach and cancer conqueror, Mick Miller, left home one day in a 1968 sky blue Volkswagen Beetle. and spent the next 16 months travelling around Australia. Leaving no stone unturned, he circumnavigated anti-clockwise around the country, revelling in the wonders and beauty Australia offers, and being grateful for every moment, every experience. Travelling Australia Mick’s Way is a gorgeous, photo-heavy work showcasing not only the gorgeous locations but also detailing Mick’s journey – the friends, the laughs, the moments that we easily take for granted or forget to appreciate. Mick’s unique perspective on living life positively each day can only encourage you in the same.