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Monthly Archives: December 2017

The best present of all is being present.


My journey of discovery and recovery is continuing, with The Rocket still spreading the love and making people smile wherever she goes.

A big thank you to everyone “The Team” for all your love and support this year.

Robbie and I are very excited that the second edition of Travelling Australia Mick’s Way has been published (through Finch Publishing) a portion of the sale of each book still going to The Tomorrow Trust to help cancer patients and their families bring some normality back into their lives, post cancer treatment.

 Travelling Australia Micks Way cover_web

You can purchase your copy HERE

I have also been making a series of short videos “Getting a Lift Mick’s Way” where I have a chat in the Rocket with some special people who have helped make my journey possible.

Check out episode one HERE.

We are thrilled that Travelling Australia Mick’s Way will be distributed to a wider audience here in Australia and overseas.

Speaking of audiences, I have been practicing and playing my ukulele constantly.  Performing at school fundraisers, as the opening act at the annual Elvina Bay Music Soiree, I play my own backing music on the Getting a Lift Mick’s Way and have played the uke on ABC radio. There have even been some evenings where a mystery ukulele player has been heard serenading outside friend’s front doors on the Northern Beaches in Sydney.  Stay tuned, you may be next!

MM uke

The last queen of the Kingdom of Hawaii, Liliuokalani, translated ukulele as “gift from afar”.

I am so grateful to be surrounded by such a great team of people and to be able to share in so many gifts. Remember to stop occasionally, take a breath and look around at what you have got.

Today is a gift and that is why we call it the present.  The best present of all is being present.

Merry Christmas