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Yes, Size Does Matter…………..!


Uluru is probably one of Australia’s most easily recognisable and well know landmarks.


Sitting 348 metres above ground and another 2.5 km of bulk below ground, 3.6 km long, 1.9 km wide and 9.4 km in circumference, it is higher than the Eifel Tower.  Yes, size does matter!

The rock was created over 600 million years ago and is made up of ridges, valleys and caves, the base walk is about 10 kms and takes about 3 hours to complete and is a great way to experience the grandeur and wonder of Uluru.


The rock up close


Uluru is of enormous spiritual significance to the local Anangu people and they lead some of the best tours available and they request visitors not to climb to the top of the rock out of respect for the spiritual significance.


Even the Rangers wanted a photo of the Rocket at the Rock.

The red colour comes from the surface oxidation of the iron bearing minerals within the rock, otherwise it would be grey in colour and we wouldn’t see the amazing red glow at sunrise and sunset.


Great energy from all the different colours.

Another great way to fully experience Uluru,  the Kata Tjuta formations and the breathtaking desert landscape is to take to the sky..


And take to the sky I did….. with the Professionals


Uluru from the air – amazing!

After a week in the spiritual heartland it was time to head back home.


Farewell Uluru, until next time…..

I was back on the Stuart Highway and just like the words from Slim Dusty’s iconic song 

Looking Forward, Looking Back

“Looking forward, looking back
I’ve come a long way down the track,
Got a long way left to go.”


“Looking Forward”


“Looking Back”

“Making sense of what I’ve seen”


Make sense from this ?  People hang out what ever on their clothes lines here.


Homeward bound

There was road train, after road train, after road train on this part of the journey home.



Kulgera road house – fill me up $2 per litre

I camped at the Kulgera Roadhouse again and was treated to another magnificent sunset and star show in the night sky with lots of friendly banter with locals and travelers alike.


Again the stars are dazzling and something to behold and because of the remoteness and lack of light pollution in these parts, you can get one of the best views of the Milky Way in the world.


Nature is remarkable

Just into South Australia I found this magnificent Sturt Desert Pea growing on the side of the road watching all the road trains pass by.  Retracing my steps through Woomera, Port Augusta and onto Golburn.


Retracing my steps




It was incredible seeing some green in the landscape after being in the red centre and driving through drought stricken areas.  Seeing the drought first hand in so many parts of Australia really brings it home and makes you aware of  how challenging it is for many of our farmers.  I really hope the Universe delivers some rain  sooner rather than later to give these men and women some hope.



Keep believing