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Rocketing towards Australia’s spiritual heart – Uluru



It was back to Broken Hill after a little sojourn in Sydney for my scheduled medical checks and in the meantime the Rocket had a little check up,  grease and oil change herself at Westside Auto Maintenance Broken Hill, thanks guys.


A big tick for the Rocket and the team at Westside Auto Maintenance

Upon my return to Broken Hill, I caught up with some inspirational members of the Royal Flying Doctor Service, G’day Eric and team…………………………


I was even invited into the coaches box with one of the local footy teams………….


Hanging around with the Central Broken Hill footy team.

Broken Hill really extended the hand of friendship toward me, I felt very welcome and included in their community and I want to say thank you.


Driving through town I thought this wont be the last time I visit…..I’ll be back……..


Again the sun was setting, it was time to leave Broken Hill and move on towards the  spiritual heart of our magnificent country.


This photo taken near the SA border shows just how flat this outback country is.


Driving south the road and surroundings changes quite quickly and I am soon at the South Australian border, I’m looking forward to what is ahead.


Stunning scenery all around with the  train line hugging the side of the road, so I decided to get out the Uke and walk the line as Johnny Cash would say.


“As sure as night is dark and day is light …I find it very easy to be true…  I walk the line”       Johnny Cash

I have to admit I didn’t overtake one car on this leg of the journey, The only way to overtake a road train was when it was stopped on the side of the road.


There was a sold out concert at Manna Hill


Once you drive through Port Augusta, find the signs for Alice Springs and Darwin and you say good bye to traffic lights, bends in the road, fences and mobile phone coverage.


About a couple of hundred kms out of Port Augusta, if you turn right off the Stuart Highway you will reach Woomera – established in 1947, as a joint‘cold-war’ project between the British and Australian governments, which developed and tested long-range weapons systems – basically they fired rockets and lots of them, into the middle of nowhere.


I reckon this one is the right fit for my Rocket !!



A bit of history for you.

The last time anyone in Womera saw a VW Beetle was when the Love Bug Movie came to town in the 70’s


Despite all the other rockets around, my little Rocket was somewhat of a novelty in town.


Fitting a new rocket to my rocket

There seems to be a lot of secrecy surrounding Woomera even today – you wouldn’t know who was coming and going, there are major works going on upgrading all the facilities but no one seems to want to tell you what and why, but I am so glad I dropped in for a visit.



Watch out for wandering animals – animals of all sorts – camels, sheep, goats, cows, emus, camels, kangaroos, dingos, eagles, cockatoos and crows, these boys were running gun shot across the road, you have to keep really alert.


Some of the eagles were nearly as big as the rocket.

The next town was Coober Pedy where I spent the night underground


Everyone loved the rocket in Coober Pedy

There were lots of cattle grids on the roads which at times were very challenging for the rocket as I had to slow down and make sure I got the timing right so I didn’t get a road train up my………………


Big distances for the rocket – at last Uluru only 4 hrs away


I am in awe of the colours and textures of the outback.



I felt as if the rock was drawing me in, I was invited not to rush,  to take my time and just to be in such an incredible environment.


Rock Reflections


The Rocket and I made it to Uluru, the spiritual heart of Australia, this sacred Aboriginal site is remarkable.


I never once ever gave up on my dream to take the Rocket to Uluru.

Stay tuned for my next post, more magnificent photos of Uluru, camping in the Red Centre and preparing for my road trip back to Sydney.

Keep living the dream.