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Don’t cry because it is over, smile because it happened………….


I’m Home.

struth im back in syd

I’ve settled back into Sydney and had time to reflect and reminisce about my travels.  I feel such an amazing sense of gratitude for having had such an incredible journey and for making it all the way around this great country of ours in the Rocket.  All the support and encouragement given to me throughout the entire trip has been humbling.

The significance of the whole trip is really sinking in now – how it has not only helped me with my own recovery but gifted me an amazing sense of accomplishment.  I’m touched by all the feedback of how my story has given other people and especially other patients hope and inspiration.

waiting for my 2 yr results

I’ve just had my 2 year major once over at Royal North Shore Hospital and all is good.

Travelling Australia Mick’s Way isn’t really over yet,  I am turning my blog into a book and giving some presentations and can I say I am really excited !  Later this week I am speaking at the Winter Cancer Charity Ball at the Sydney Town Hall.  It will be a great opportunity to share my story and to thank all the staff and some of the other charities and services that helped me out when I was a patient at the Royal North Shore Hospital.

I am also in the process of starting up a foundation in conjunction with the RNSH to provide customized support on an individual needs basis to post cancer patients to help simplify their lives enabling them to put all their energy into their recovery.   The pledges from this trip will help start the foundation, so thank you.


 I am loving being back in Elvina Bay

Every end is a new beginning and the power of the universe never ceases to amaze me, there is so much great energy out there.

My great friend Nicole is turning 50 next month and instead of presents is asking everyone to donate to either of two charities, one of them being the Foundation I am setting up.  I could never have anticipated something as special as that.

mel airport - how cool is this !!- the flash is the nose !!

Sydney is a bustling city but being on the road for over 12 months has helped me take my foot off the accelerator so to speak upon my return.   Lucky for the Rocket too as she deserves a good rest.  I don’t feel that I have to push and shove and be in so much of a hurry.  Travelling into the city on the bus the other day I was able to absorb all the beauty surrounding me, from the reflections on the water, the flag flying about the bridge, the colours of the trees, my aim is to strive to be mindful and present and to live a happier, healthier and more mindful life.

spoted at mel airportI took these photos when I was in Darwin, these messages were plastered all over the sides of a Combi Van.

It has been an incredible adventure and I am so grateful for being able to share it with everyone.

Keep thinking happy thoughts.