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Donkeys, dust, VW’s and the man we called Max……..Mad Max !



Silverton – it doesn’t get more original than this.

In the far west of NSW about 20km out of Broken Hill is the historic silver mining town Silverton, population of around 40 people and 4 VW’s (5 VW’s when I’m in town).  In it’s heyday Silverton was bigger than Broken Hill, a thriving mining town with 3 breweries and a population of around 3000.


The Rocket – she shimmers and shines outside the Silverton Hotel

(Photo by Helen Jones)

Today Silverton has 4 streets, about 8 or 9 stone dwellings – the old church, post office, jail and school, Plus a family of donkeys who’s favourite instrument, you wouldn’t believe it………. is the uke.


And the donkey’s favourite place to hang out is the pub!


The iconic Silverton Hotel has stood the test of time, the original town pub was opened in 1884. It burnt down in 1918 and was replaced by the current building which previously the post office. Run by Patsy and Peter Price the Silverton Hotel is the hub of town, where as they say themsleves – you can get cold beer on tap. sensational food, world-class hospitality, have a laugh with the locals and enjoy the sights, sounds and wonders of the incredible Outback, they are not wrong.



Out the back of the pub is a quirky stage where live entertainment takes place on a regular basis.  Patsy, Peter and I were shooting the breeze deciding on my song list.


Sound check for another sell out gig at the Silverton Hotel

There are so many interesting places to see and visit in such a small town, with so many great photo opportunities, including the Daydream Mine and all the historic buildings.


The Methodist Church 1885 originally Presbyterian


Sunset strole @ Silverton


The outback inspires artists from all walks of life.

I met Outback artist John Dynon who specialises in Emu’s, flowers, Dunnies, shacks, rivers and larrikins, I’m on that list somewhere!


No wind today @ Silverton

The Mad Max Museum a museum celebrating Mad Max 2 which was filmed around Silverton has some of the vehicles used in the movie, an extensive collections of local Mad Max related memorabilia and life size models in full costume.


The Rocket met her Mad Max idol the V8 Interceptor, casually parked in front of the pub’s broad bullnose veranda


It’s amazing who you see in the outback


Accommodation Silverton style

There is an incredible energy in the outback, brilliant colours, incredible sunsetsa and sunrises, lots of history and someone has always got a story to tell.


As the sun sets on my visit to Silverton there is still more of this great country to explore, I am heading out to Uluru, Central Australia



It’s your road and yours alone.  Others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you.  (Rumi)

No matter what path you choose, really walk it.



4 thoughts on “Donkeys, dust, VW’s and the man we called Max……..Mad Max !

  1. John Colclough

    Fantastic, keep on posting I’m getting a unique education on places I’ll probably never go to. I’ve always wondered what kind of music outback donkeys liked. Ha! Photos are great too.

    1. Mick Miller Post author

      Gidday John , Great to hear from you and thank you for your kind words . Its been an amazing trip so far with the next post to come out soon . Keep livin the dream – cheers Mick

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