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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Hello Sydney……..


A quick trip back to Sydney for some medicals and meetings turned into a bit of a longer stay than anticipated, nearly two weeks.  Anyhow it was a great opportunity to tidy up a few things around the house and get all my medical reports, which by the way, were all good again.

I had my big check-up at Royal North Shore – the old camera up the nose and down the throat and the strangulation test (as I call it) and had a catch up with some of the Head and Neck Cancer Care team there, who I can’t thank enough, especially Dr Mark Stevens and Paula McLeod.

paula McCloud- a champion lady !!!Yours truly with Paula McLeod, Head and Neck Cancer Care Nurse Coordinator

A big cheerio to everyone at Royal North Shore Hospital, they are all champions of champions.

So it was “Hello Sydney” when I was in town.

I was able to spend some time with lots and lots and lots of friends and in no particular order – Robbie, Micky, Kirsty, Billy, Tommy, Greg, Ryan, Monique, Ethan, Luke, Marley, Chris, Roger the dodger, Sebastian, Robin from across the lane, Stevie, Dave and Toby on the barge, Andy, Virpi, Johnno and Wally, Donny, Dr Watson, Dr Stevens, Paula, Tina the maneater, Deno and Amenia, Whitty, Alesha, Euan and Sering, Ray, Jen, Reef Summer, Jes, Jas, Jake, Judy and Ian, Johnathan, Rowan, Al, Carmen, Monster, Aaron, Mitch, Emma, Tana, Fabio, Natalia, Coby and Dave, Phyl, Cath and Emma.  Just to name a few!

Yeah there were lots of people to catch up with, I had lots of laughs, hugs and good times.

I’m sure you’ll let me know if your names not on the list (I can always add an addendum) and there are lots more friends to catch up with next time, I’ll be in touch.

I’m heading to Cairns to spend a couple of days with Andy Redhead an old friend from Pittwater and head north from there up to Cooktown and Weipa.


See you all soon.