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The Rocket and I are back on the road…….


The Rocket and I are back on the road, continuing my journey of discovery and recovery. This time whilst Travelling Australia Mick’s Way I will be heading inland and will be mixing it up a bit – there will be lots of photos, but I am also going to do some filming, I have some presentations to do along the way at some hospitals, there will be friends to catch up with and no doubt lots of locals to meet.

Town Mick

A little trip to Byron Bay and back over Easter was a great little prelude to getting back on the road.  Bluesfest was lots of fun, great music and a great vibe.

Last week I left Sydney and headed west, over the mountains and on towards Bathurst. Heading up into the mountains it was foggy, cold and wet.  I couldn’t see much and had to pull off the road a few times because visibility was so low,  the Rocket and I were in survival mode.  Eventually we made it and popped out into the golden colours of the dry grasses and plains on the other side.

lone tree

There weren’t many cars on the road, but there were a few weird and wonderful animals as well as wild goats on the road and roadside.



The Rocket seemed to go into autopilot like she was on a mission and when I reached Bathurst, I worked out why….

Rocket street 2

200kms from Sydney, Bathurst sits in the central table lands of NSW and is home to the famous Mount Panorama motor racing circuit which is a public road when not used for racing.  I must admit I was busting to do a few laps around the circuit.

Bathurst Hankook corner

Bathurst finish

Top speed on the straight……….78 km / hour

Bathurst 1000

“Winners are Grinners”


A little rest was in order after all that racing, there are so many beautiful wide tree lined streets in Bathurst.

As the sun set after my first day on the road, I contemplated how grateful I am to still be on my journey of discovery and recovery, and Travelling Australia Mick’s Way

Bathurst sunset

Next stop Orange, the birth place of Banjo Paterson, about 50 kms down the road from Bathurst.

into Orange

I stayed with friends Glen, Marta, Dash and Kinga and was so lucky to be on the receiving end of some good old country hospitality.

Kids car

The kids were intrigued with the Rocket

Orange health

It was great to meet the medical team at the Orange Hospital and to give a presentation and share my insights into Cancer: a patients perspective and survivorship.

My next stop was Dubbo about 145kms from Orange, where the Newell, Mitchell and Golden Highways meet.  Dubbo is famous for its open range Taronga Western Plains Zoo.  Your entry fee gets you 2 days consecutive admission, there is so much to see and do – keeper talks, animal encounters, a really special experience.

All the animals loved my rendition of “In the Jungle” on the uke.

Zoo Uke

I had a standing ovation

Zoo Giraffe

And the crowd roared

Zoo Hippo


I so excited that I am officially in outback NSW.

Semi 3

I’ve had a few road trains to contend with……

But made it through safely

Semi 4

I am heading to Broken Hill

Road sign cobar Adel

I will be in Broken Hill for a few weeks so if you are up this way please get in touch.


The daylight is dying
Away in the west,
The wild birds are flying
In silence to rest;
In leafage and frondage
Where shadows are deep,
They pass to its bondage —
The kingdom of sleep.
And watched in their sleeping
By stars in the height,
They rest in your keeping,
Oh, wonderful night.

Banjo Paterson

Enjoy the journey



11 thoughts on “The Rocket and I are back on the road…….

  1. Deb Stening

    So great to see you and the Rocket on another adventure! Loved this update, as I visit those towns every few months for work. Happy travels!

  2. anne edelmann

    Hi Mike, great then you start again with your Rocket. In the moment we stay at home. Alex  prepare our megachischtli to be agai in topform. This summer we visit friends and family and in august we flying for three month to the southern Afrika. Kalahari, Malawi, Sambia! How are Robyn and Chris? Last year we visit again Sibiria, Mongoia, Kazachstan with the mondial EXPO in Astana and the Lotusfield in the Wolga Delta. Beautyful!

    Best whishes   alex anne    the older swiss traveler

    1. Mick Miller Post author

      Gidday Anna and Alex , soo nice to hear from you both . Robbie is really well and sends her love and Chris is traveling up the top of Australia at present. Keep livin the dream – mIck xx

  3. Anne Perry

    Can’t wait to read of your next adventures Milk. Photos also amazing.
    Are you speaking at any Perth hospitals Milk? We Nurses would love some inspiring stories rather than negativity +++.
    Hope you and Rocket keep well and safe.

    1. Mick Miller Post author

      Gidday Anne, great to hear from you . All is going well here . Id be more than happy to go to Perth and speak . Maybe let me complete this trip to Ayers Rock and lets aim to do something from there ? Keep in touch , cheers Mick

    2. Mick Miller Post author

      Gidday Anne, My for the delayed reply . Thank you for your kind words and both myself and the Rocket are having plenty of fun . Ive done a number of presentations along the way since leaving sydney . It would be a real great opportunity to fly to Perth and deliver a my presentation . Who should I contact so we can both make this happen ? Feel free to contact me to discuss if you wish . Keep livin the dream . cheers , mick

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