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Average Speed …..56 kmh

Cruising Speed …..56 kmh

Cars I’ve Overtaken…..3

Cars and trucks who have over taken me……..I lost count!

Well I’m still on my first tank of fuel, how goods that for economy?  Next stop Bulahdelah!  Never heard of it?  A quaint, friendly little town on the banks of he Myall River, mid North Coast NSW.  I cruised into town and parked the rocket outside the Plough Inn, did my shopping and had some lunch.  By the time I got back to the rocket we had an audience, everyone wanting to know about the car, the driver and the journey, people reminiscing about what VWs they used to drive and what went on in the back seat.  The car’s a magnet, people are always waving, it’s so cool.


From Bulladelah I took the old Pacific Highway through some amazing dairy country and found my way off the bitumen onto a narrow dirt road then navigated my way to Mitchell Road  an even narrower, corrugated dirt road which put the rocket through its paces.  Surrounded by towering grey gums, I bumped along the road, I think I was in the national park and grateful I  wasn’t attempting this in the dark.  Eventually after my skillful navigation, commonly referred to in the trade as a lot of good luck, I arrived at John and Chris’s property “Coolong”.  John met me at the gate and after a tour of the property I was on the receiving end of some good old fashioned country hospitality.  The name of the next door property was right up my alley “Why Worry”, the only thing that was a worry were the super sized mosquitos.


After watching another beautiful sunrise the next morning,  with John on his tractor, I set off for Crescent Head,  I had to make sure I got on the right road, watch the video below to see how I fared !


Off to Hebbos parents farm

I’m on my way to Crescent Head to visit an old friend Peter Paine.  Pete is an incredible designer,  architect/ builder,  but at times he is so incredibly hard to understand, sometimes I feel I need an interpreter as he mumbles, which is really funny because I was relying on him for directions.  

Pete lives on 100 acres about 10km out of Crescent Head, Point Plomer Road.  He has built an awesome house using a lot of Australian hardwoods with amazing attention to detail, incredible flow and such a great feel. Another relaxing dinner, no mozzies (bonus), lots of reminiscing and a pet horse as a dinner guest.  I’ve always loved Cresent Head but Point Plomer is even more special, a beautiful spot away from the crowds, worth the bumpy drive for sure.


Travelling north again you have the choice of the highway or the scenic route -the scenic route won out once again.  I passed through a little place called Smithtown, from here you can follow the road on either side of the river, really pretty.  I stopped and bought vegies on the side of the road and found my way to Hat Head.

Hat Head Hilton

“The Hat Head Hilton”

Hat Head is a little fishing village with lots of holiday rentals.  The Hat Head Hilton was booked out unfortunately, so on to South West Rocks.  Across the road from the beach I found the Heritage Guest House.  Great hospitality and accommodation.  I had a good look around, Trial Bay is close by,  with its historic ruins of the old goal and fantastic camping spots, worth a look.  After a couple of days rest, swimming my laps at the beach, a couple of board meetings and exploring the area, its on to Coffs Harbour.

“Board Meeting”

As I’m heading back to Sydney for a few appointments, I had to find somewhere in Coffs to leave the rocket.  Last time I was in town I found the local slipway and luckily Ray remembered me.  Thanks to Ray I  have somewhere to leave the car and a recommendation for accommodation at the Pier Hotel.  A  comfy basic room with lots of friendly schooner drinking locals in the bar downstairs.  Going to sleep is like being on the set of Countdown, all my old favorites being belted out by the local cover bands, too funny.

Right next to the Pier Hotel in a little strip of restaurants is a funky organic cafe Old John’s.  I’m their new No. 1 fan.  Next time you pass through Coffs stop for breakfast, lunch or dinner and say hi to John.

Coffs is buzzing, there’s a touch footy comp on, touch footy players everywhere, nothing like a bit of a touch up I say!  A couple of nights at Coffs then back to Sydney.  I’ll be back on the road next week.

Fishing at Coffs

57kgs of fish @ Coffs, this bloke had a boat load !

I feel like I’ve been away for a year already.  I’m relaxed.  There are so many places to see, people to meet and bumpy roads to drive on.  Until next time…..Enjoy the Journey.

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5 thoughts on “The Next Installment…….

  1. Mike Streeter

    My wife heard you on the ABC in the early hours so we had a look at your interesting blog. A friend and I calling ourselves “Port Elizabeth to Copenhagen” travelled in 1960/61 from the southern most part of Africa to the northernmost part of Europe, North Cape, in a VW, camping out nearly all the way. We climbed Kilimanjaro then attempted Mt Kenya and had 3 weeks in the snowy Ruwenzori Mountains on the Equator. His girl friend joined us in Egypt so we were three up altogether covering 43,000 km and taking 9 months. She survived to become his wife and I was bestman and we are getting together again in May in South Africa. I think ours was a ’59 beetle. We now have an A’van camper trailer towed by a Mitsubishi Challenger with 260,000 on the clock and over the last 15 years have covered just about every part of this amazing country. Last year we travelled 18,000 km to WA from Sydney and back via Alice Springs and the Great Central Road. Enjoy your journey, regards, Mike Streeter

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